Principal's Message

Our Principal Says it All

After getting elevated as Principal by Govt. of Punjab, to assume charge of this prestigious institute has been matter of immense gratification for me. Established in 1939, this college has sought countless generations of humanity. As a head of institution, I ensure all stakeholders that I will do my best for this institute. I am certain that entire staff and students of the college will act as a team to attain higher goals for this institute. In this dramatically changing world, everything is in a perennial process of redefining and reshaping itself. Education institutes are also not immune to these sweeping changing. In present world, an education institute is expected to play a sacrosanct role in nation building. We, at Govt Ranbir College, Sangrur are of firm conviction that any education bereft of a strong moral character serves little purpose. We intend to make our students more cosmopolitan, tolerant, democratic and progressive in their outlook so our country may become more robust and buoyant democracy in times to come. We are trying our best to bring a paradigm shift in attitude of our students so they may play a leading role in new world order. We are also doing our best to implement all Govt policies and programs in letter and spirit. At this occasion, I also seek cooperation of Alumni Members so that we may jointly work for this institute. I wish great life to all my students.


                                                                                                            All Yours


                                                                                            Govt. Ranbir College Sangrur




This document was last modified on: 01-09-2023